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Building foundations for regenerative medicine


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08 March 2008 -
EuroStemCell researcher challenges amniotic stem cell claims

20 January 2008 -
Summer School 2008 - confirmed speakers include Shinya Yamanaka

11 January 2008 -
EuroStemCell scientists meet Members of the European Parliament

21 November 2007 -
Research Associate vacancy, University of Cambridge

27 July 2007 -

Scientists call for action on European stem cell legislation

12 July 2007 -
Italian embryonic stem cell researchers publish Manifesto

15 February 2007 - Human muscle stem cells from blood vessels

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This is the archive site for the EuroStemCell project, which finished on 31 January 2008. Take a look at our new site - EuroStemCell: a European stem cell portal.

EuroStemCell aims to build the scientific foundations required to take stem cell technology to the clinic. Combining the expertise of more than 100 researchers across 27 research groups in 16 partner institutions, it is a virtual European stem cell centre.

Our research is focused on identifying, comparing and evaluating the properties and clinical potential of different types of stem cells.

Our annual European stem cell conference, summer school, clinical workshops and active collaborations promote knowledge transfer and dissemination of research results. We also run an annual ethics workshop, and have developed dedicated public information resources, including a series of short films about stem cell research.



EuroStemCell is an Integrated Project of the European Union's Sixth Framework Programme.
Over four years (2004-08), the EU is providing €11.9 million support to EuroStemCell.